Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Harsh #BigData Message | @BigDataExpo #Analytics #DigitalTransformation

from A Harsh #BigData Message | @BigDataExpo #Analytics #DigitalTransformation
This is a short blog with a harsh message for Big Data vendors. Camera fades in to Pastor Schmarzo heading to the pulpit… What does the future hold for today’s big data vendors? Hundreds of startups are rushing into the big data market to stake their claim to a market that IDC predicts will reach $187 billion by 2019. Dang, that’s a big market, especially considering that the Global Business Intelligence market will only reach a trifling $20.8 billion by 2018 or the long-running ERP applications market is expected to reach a trivial $84.1 billion by 2020. Yes, the big data market opportunity is very exciting indeed!

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