Thursday, December 29, 2016

WiFi Eye of Agomotto #3DPrinting #3DThursday

from WiFi Eye of Agomotto #3DPrinting #3DThursday
by Jessie Mae

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JediJeremy shared this project on Thingiverse!

This is the case for the WiFi Eye electronics project that I’ll soon be publishing on All About Circuits.

Print the “Core”, “Middle Plate” and a pair of “Eye Lids” first if you are building the electronics, so you can be busy while the big amulet body prints.

The “Amulet” and “Crossbeams” are the only pieces that definitely need support – The crossbeams are quite thin and you may need to experiment to get them right. Once cleaned up, glue it a few “spokes” at a time to the amulet face with epoxy or CA.

The amulet needs supports for the pockets underneath that hold electronics components. These will be rough, but hidden.

The crossbeams look much, much better when they “float” over the amulet face (and let light through the gaps) rather than being solidly connected to it. And removing supports from a separate piece is far easier than getting them out of the middle.

The “Woggles” slip over the ends of the necklace cord (I used shoelaces) to make it look nicer where they tie to the amulet. The curved part is meant to fit over the amulet lops.

The stand has a build support pre-baked-in, which you should cut away carefully afterwards with diagonal cutters… a slightly ratty and uneven edge works well for “feathers”, just be careful not to split the piece along layer lines.

More to come…

Find full project details here!

Every Thursday is #3dthursday here at Adafruit! The DIY 3D printing community has passion and dedication for making solid objects from digital models. Recently, we have noticed electronics projects integrated with 3D printed enclosures, brackets, and sculptures, so each Thursday we celebrate and highlight these bold pioneers!

Have you considered building a 3D project around an Arduino or other microcontroller? How about printing a bracket to mount your Raspberry Pi to the back of your HD monitor? And don’t forget the countless LED projects that are possible when you are modeling your projects in 3D!

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