Thursday, March 30, 2017

From the mail bag…

from From the mail bag…
by Stephanie

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From the mail bag!

Hello, Adafruit

My name is Byron and I’m from south east Florida and I want to thank Adafruit for making it easy for me to get started with DIY electronics. I have always been a software developer and web developer and went to school for that. I primarily used Microsoft technology such as C# and. NET. I never did any electronics or had that much of an interest in it until now.

It all started when I decided to purchase a Raspberry Pi back in August of last year on Amazon. At first I was planning to just use it as a Linux PC and experiment with software, however the projects I discovered on the Internet really interested me. I also learned about Arduino and found the Adafruit website. I purchased an Arduino as well and other components and realized how easy it was to get into it. Then I started to purchase a lot of stuff off the Adafruit website. I went from having zero electronics experience to learning how to solder and do basic projects from the Adafruit site in just a few months. The tutorials and videos on the Adafruit site helped all this happen. If it wasn’t for any of this I would have never gotten into this fun stuff so thank you.

I also watch the Show and Tell and Ask An Engineer every week and always look forward to it every week. These videos make it even more fun to be a part of this community. I am going to figure out what I want to make and be on the Show and Tell.

Thanks again,


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