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AWS Heroes – New Categories Launch

New AWS Heroes Launch Categories

As you may know, in 2014 we launched the AWS Community Heroes program to recognize a vibrant group of AWS experts. These standout individuals use their extensive knowledge to teach customers and fellow-techies about AWS products and services across a range of mediums. As AWS grows, new groups of Heroes emerge.

Today, we’re excited to recognize prominent community leaders by expanding the AWS Heroes program. Unlike Community Heroes (who tend to focus on advocating a wide-range of AWS services within their community), these new Heroes are specialists who focus their efforts and advocacy on a specific technology. Our first new heroes are the AWS Serverless Heroes and AWS Container Heroes. Please join us in welcoming them as the passion and enthusiasm for AWS knowledge-sharing continues to grow in technical communities.

AWS Serverless Heroes

Serverless Heroes are early adopters and spirited pioneers of the AWS serverless ecosystem. They evangelize AWS serverless technologies online and in-person as well as open source contributions to GitHub and the AWS Serverless Application Repository, these Serverless Heroes help evolve the way developers, companies, and the community at large build modern applications. Our initial cohort of Serverless Heroes includes:

AWS Container Heroes

Container Heroes are prominent trendsetters who are deeply connected to the ever-evolving container community. Possessing extensive knowledge of multiple Amazon container services, Container Heroes are always keen to learn the latest trends, and are passionate about sharing their insights with anyone running containers in the AWS Cloud. Please meet the first AWS Container Heroes:

The trends within the AWS community are ever-changing.  We look forward to recognizing a wide variety of Heroes in the future. Stay tuned for additional updates to the Hero program in coming months, and be sure to visit the Heroes website to learn more.

Yan Cui

Aleksandar Simovic

Forrest Brazeal

Marcia Villalba

Erica Windisch

Peter Sbarski

Slobodan Stojanović

Rob Gruhl

Michael Hart

Ben Kehoe

Austen Collins

Announcing AWS Container Heroes
AWS Container Heroes are prominent trendsetters and experts with AWS Container Services. As technical-thought leaders they have a deep understanding of our container services, are passionate to learn the latest trends and developments, and are excited to share their learnings with the AWS developer community interested in our container services. Here is the initial group of AWS Container Heroes:

Casey Lee

Tung Nguyen

Philipp Garbe

Yusuke Kuoka

Mike Fielder

Please feel free to follow our page for updates regarding upcoming AWS Community Heroes expansions and to see what our Heroes are up to!

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