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“The Arduino Foundation: What’s Up?” @Hackaday @arduino @ArduinoOrg

from “The Arduino Foundation: What’s Up?” @Hackaday @arduino @ArduinoOrg
by phillip torrone

The Arduino Foundation: What’s Up? @ Hackaday.

The Arduino Wars officially ended last October, and the new Arduino-manufacturing company was registered in January 2017.  At the time, we were promised an Arduino Foundation that would care for the open-source IDE and code infrastructure in an open and community-serving manner, but we don’t have one yet.

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Good read, more folks will be aware of the Arduino foundation, promised by Arduino, 9 months ago, and the community now has more information. We’ll see what happens next and when.

I sent a few corrections to Elliot Williams the author of the article, specifics he and his team can fact check.

Separately, although related, the open-source files for many of the are missing or not in an editable format as the previous Arduino products always have been and the owner is indicated as “DogHunter.”

Arduino Primo:
“Schematic & Reference Design – Coming soon”

firmware burned onto the STM32FL103
but unclear where the source code for that lives or what license its under

Star Otto:
Only Schematic posted, no license indicated, DogHunter logo is the only ownership note

Arduino STAR – LCD:
No technical files.

Arduino YUN MINI:
Only schematic posted, no license indicated, DogHunter is author/owner
Schematic black-boxes “WiFi module” despite it being an integral part of the board and designed by, not a submodule

Schematics have no license indicated, DogHunter is author/owner
EAGLE files: links to a PDF of the gerber print with no Eagle Files, DogHunter/Linino is author/owner

some of these are new products so perhaps it takes some time, however some are from 2014, 2015 or 2016:

Arduino TIAN
The “DSN” file posted is the orcad schematic only – there is no board file information or layout included (it’s the same as the PDF)

Arduino INDUSTRIAL 101:
the link “EAGLE files:” does not link to Eagle files.
the logos on the physical board include DogHunter and linino.
it is a zip of an ORCAD DSN file which is also just a schematic. there is no board file information or layout included (it’s the same as the PDF)
the WiFi/Linux logic is in a blackbox called ‘chiwawa’ module.
this module has an Arduino logo on the PCB and tin. It appears to be exclusively designed by “doghunter” (also the author of the Arduino Industrial 101 schematics)
we could not find any schematics or layout for this module anywhere.

Arduino YUN:
also no board layout files, only schematic in PDF and Orcad DSN format (it’s the same as the PDF)
this file does have a Creative Commons 2.5 BY-SA notice on it

Schematic & Reference Design
EAGLE files: (coming soon)
Schematic: Braccio-Shield-schematic.pdf (coming soon)
(and it appears there is no indication the mechanics will be released either)

On June 16, 2017 Massimo Banzi has commented on the blog post on “Arduino is open source HW and SW. Full stop. Some files seems to be missing and I’ll inform my colleagues at .org that they need to update them.”

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