Saturday, October 22, 2016

This Stranger Things Light Wall by @kyfast is Wearable and Awesome #ElectronicHalloween

from This Stranger Things Light Wall by @kyfast is Wearable and Awesome #ElectronicHalloween
by Noe Ruiz

Kylie Stradley shared with us her Stranger Things inspired wearable light wall on Twitter. We’ve seen a few folks recreate the iconic wall using an Arduino and Raspberry Pi, but Kylie may be the first to make it into a wearable.

The wall that I made is a 13.5″x11″ inch piece of cardboard with floral scrapbook paper glued to the front. I poked holes through the cardboard that I pushed the LEDs through and then taped down on the back. I attached a small button switch for easy access to open and close the circuit… The code runs on an Adafruit Flora running Arduino software and the whole thing is powered by 3 AA batteries.

GO check out her blog post for more details, BOM and code on github. Awesome work, Kylie!

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