Saturday, January 21, 2017

Raspberry Pi Photo Booth #celebratephotography

from Raspberry Pi Photo Booth #celebratephotography
by Stephanie


Fun project from kevino and Sonia Wong on

We love clowning around in a digital photo booth at parties, then sharing the photos online. But who wants to risk a laptop getting doused with margaritas or champagne?

Cheap single-board computers make it easy to roll your own standalone photo booth that can connect to the Internet with no help from your precious PC. Here’s a simple project that’s based on the Raspberry Pi and Pi Camera Module. It’s touchscreen-controlled by partygoers, and it automatically emails your photos (if you wish) and uploads them to Google Photos where anyone with the password can see and share. All the software is open source.

We (me and pals at WyoLum) originally made a Raspberry Pi photo booth to write custom images for E Ink badges at the Open Hardware Summit in 2013, pairing the Pi with our popular AlaMode Arduino-compatible development board. The touchscreen display we used was nice, but expensive. Since then, the official Raspberry Pi Touchscreen has been released, and the new Raspberry Pi Model 3 has integrated Wi-Fi. Perfect for this project!

So we redesigned our OpenSelfie photo booth as the TouchSelfie, and tied it all together with a minimal set of mounting brackets you can 3D print (or laser-cut) to mount the whole thing on a tripod. You can also design and build your own amusing enclosure if you prefer

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We #celebratephotography here at Adafruit every Saturday. From photographers of all levels to projects you have made or those that inspire you to make, we’re on it! Got a tip? Well, send it in!

If you’re interested in making your own project and need some gear, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to check out our Raspberry Pi accessories and our DIY cameras.

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