Friday, April 13, 2018

NEW PRODUCT – Ball Top 4-Way Rocker Switch

from NEW PRODUCT – Ball Top 4-Way Rocker Switch
by Angelica


NEW PRODUCT – Ball Top 4-Way Rocker Switch

The super-villain emerges from the grand entrance in a wicked, souped-up robotic spider. “Ah hah, so you’ve discovered my secret compound, Ms. Croft. How unfortunate for you that I control all the egresses…” She chortles (evilly) and presses forward on the switch installed on her armrest panel.

“Before I modded my robotic contraption, I could only go backwards and forwards. Now as you can see, I enjoy greater directionality with this Ball Top 4-Way Rocker Switch. Resembles an arcade joystick, does it not, Ms. Croft? Never has leading you to your doom felt more like a game!”

3758 iso 02 ORIG 2018 04

This is a very nice, hefty 4-way control switch, it looks a lot like a joystick but is decidedly heftier, and has built in clamping-switches rather than using microswitches. This makes it great for really big robotics and control panels, but it’s not as light and easy to use as a plain joystick. Also it has built in X retaining slots so you really can only move in four directions, you can’t rotate around once you’ve picked a direction like an arcade stick. You can easily disassemble the switch enough to panel mount it, there are even a few gasket rings included.

3758 kit quarter ORIG 2018 04

3758 top detail ORIG 2018 04

3758 bottom ORIG 2018 04

This way or that way, one or the other, perhaps or perhaps not! So hard to make decisions these days without feeling like you’re just going back and forth constantly. Deciding how to use this joystick-looking rocker switch? That’s the easiest decision you’ll make all day!

3758 iso 02 ORIG 2018 04

In stock and shipping now!

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